The teacher's role in student education (2023)

The teacher's role in student education (1)

The role of teachers in the education of students in the Egor local government area of ​​Edo state


The main focus of this project work is the role of teachers in the education of students in the Egor Local Government Area of ​​Edo State. The project was a descriptive investigation. The sample consisted of teachers and directors of selected secondary schools.

The study attempted to answer the following questions.

  1. Do teachers contribute to the education of children?
  2. There is a significant relationship between the role of the teacher and the confidence of the students through the teacher's action.
  3. Does the teacher have an important role in the emotional development of students?

The instrument used for data collection was the questionnaires. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results showed that teachers raise children and students. It is recommended that the government and other teacher employers put more effort into developing teacher training and improving teacher pay. And make teaching professions attractive.

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Chapter One


The background of the study

Teaching and learning are different sides of the same coin. Learning is meant to bring about changes in behavior while teaching is inculcating in the student characteristics such as attitude, value adhering to established procedures, rules and principles that are expected to bring about behavior change. Understanding the world of teaching is essential to understanding the role professionals play in educating students. There may be a comprehensive definition of the word teaching, but attempts have been made to define and explain it, more so because teaching has a meaning, a purpose, and a structure or grade level (Imogie, 1999). Teaching can be defined in terms of socialization to mean interpersonal influence designed to change the ways a person can or will behave. Therefore, this definition makes teaching a matter for everyone in society, especially since the socialization of citizens in society can be influenced not only by the school, but by other agents: religious centers, the media. and family.

Teaching them is the content of this interactive human relationship aimed at promoting behavior changes, since one of the main objectives of education is to produce good and useful citizens in society. The importance of teachers and teaching cannot be overstated. The importance of teaching lies in the fact that it is a process where the various educational programs are translated into action in the classroom. That today through teaching, the teacher decides what kind of person or to be more specific, what kind of person we will be. Teaching as a process will make a nation strive for social, economic and political development; achieve goals of desire that depend on the efficiency and determination of the teacher. It is important to know at this point who the teacher is.
In all the societies of the world it is a known fact that education begins at home, or rather at home, children learn to speak and do things by imitating their parents, relatives, classmates, etc. by various people who have had no formal training. However, as society became complex, interogenous, and specialized, the need for formal education or training arose. Children's writer introduced into formal education under the care and tutelage of specialized personnel whose training and functions are to instill in the norms of value the norms of the young child and all the norms of society that must exist for said personnel. is the teacher

Problem Statement

To understand the importance of teaching in the development of individuals, it is pertinent to examine the role of the teacher. This study, therefore, is to examine the role of teachers in the education of students. In this study, the factors responsible for the continuous participation of teachers in the task of teaching will be investigated.
Therefore, this study analyzes the questions: what are the roles of teachers in the education of students? Consequently, the following research questions are established to be answered in this study.

  1. What are the possible roles of government in the teacher training scheme?
  2. To what extent has the private school really affected the teaching and learning process in teacher training?
  3. What is really the contribution of private and public schools in the teaching and learning process?

Purpose of the study

The objective is to identify the role of teachers in the training of students, the study investigates the role of public and private schools in teacher training and the contribution of private schools to the teaching and learning process.

Parents, authorities and others complain about the unruly behavior of high school students. The media - radio, television, confrontation of newspaper reports, demonstration of damage to private and public property, lack of good manners and presentation of character - all this is the result of bad upbringing and other orientations.

This study will help:

  1. Inculcate the disciplinary measures that are carried out in the children for the training in self-control and confidence of any type approved by the school authority.
  2. Being able to solve the emotional problem of your students.
  3. Meet students with difficulties and learning difficulties.
  4. Being able to present to society good and quality students who represent the school and society in general in the future.

research hypothesis

The hypotheses of this research are expressed in alternative and null hypotheses that are (H1 and H2) respectively.

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hypothesis 1
  • H1Teachers contribute to the education of students
  • H2Teachers do not contribute to the education of students
Hypothesis 2
  • H1There is a significant relationship between the role of teachers and children's confidence through the inculcation of disciplinary action by the teacher.
  • H2There is no significant relationship between the role of teachers and children's confidence through the inculcation of disciplinary action by the teacher.
Hypothesis 3
  • H1The role of the teacher is of great importance in solving the emotional problems of students.
  • H2The role of the teacher is not significantly important in solving students' emotional problems.

meaning of the study

The result of the study on this research topic will show the insufficiencies or not of the role of teachers in the training of students.

There would be win-win implications for classroom practice, curriculum planning, and student achievement. The study will also allow us to see how our students view teachers and how teachers want to be viewed.

In addition, the study will allow us to know what to add to the training process that contributes to improving the internal adjustment of the teacher-student relationship and guaranteeing lasting learning.

Scope of study

Due to financial and time constraints, the survey is restricted to students and teachers from selected secondary schools in the Egor local government area. These schools are;

  1. Uselu High School
  2. it will be the university
  3. Evbareke Secondary School
  4. Eweka Secondary School

Definition of terms


Activities that a teacher performs to improve a student


A person who has knowledge of a subject and instills it in a student.


To meet face to face with

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Act of being exposed to the world.


Mandate constituted by obedience

Chapter Five

Conclusions and recommendations


In summary, the study provides a working view of what direction a teacher can take to deliberately promote children's moral character. First of all, teacher educators point out the importance of establishing a respectful and caring relationship with students, helping teachers to understand and practice different ways of doing it. This is accompanied by helping teachers learn how to establish a supportive climate in the classroom, which is important for performance and ethical character development. Second, teachers help their students identify the ethical skills that support academic and social success, guiding them to understand ways to use them throughout the school day in academic and non-academic classes. Thirdly, teachers must learn and instill in their children how to cultivate knowledge in students not only in their academic discipline but also for ethical social life. Fourth, in subject matter and social life, teachers help their students develop techniques to help them promote self-regulation and self-efficacy.

The moral development of the student is implicit and inevitable in standard educational practice. The challenge facing teachers and teacher educators is to allow moral education to happen opportunistically, letting students learn what they want, for better or worse, come what may, or to promote an intentional, transparent, and deliberative that seriously considers the moral dimensions. of teaching and schooling. Two teacher training strategies are promoted in schools. The minimalist approach calls for teachers to make the hidden curriculum of moral education explicit and encourage their students to see the moral character outcomes that are immanent in the best practices of moral instruction. The maximalist strategy calls for teachers to learn a toolkit of pedagogical skills that target moral character education as an explicit curricular goal. It is important to know that when teachers are intentional and praxis wise, they provide students with a deliberative and positive influence on their individual and group character. Students should understand that the actions of the characters in pursuit of goals and the experiences the characters have often change the character throughout the story. Character development and analysis can be compared against a variety of benchmarks, not limited to planning progress questions. The character does not function in a vacuum; he functions in a social environment, often this environment suppresses moral concern. (Lickona 1992, p. 63).


  1. The teacher's understanding of the subject and his latest academic discoveries within his course were suggested as a method to increase the promotion of the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom.
  2. The instructor's power of expression and his performance in the classroom play an important role in increasing the quality of teaching and are suggested as a method agreed upon by the teachers who participate in this research.

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